Cache District #3 Chair
State Central Committee.

I've been serving the Cache Republican Party in various capacities for over 12 years.

> Cache District #3 Chair
> Former Vice-Chair
> State Central Committee
> 10 Years as Precinct Chair
> 5 Time State Convention Attendee

Lending support to Republican Candidates throughout the state.

More about Rick

B.B.A. Business Administration/Finance B.B.A., Business Administrations, Boise State Unifersity
B.B.A., Deans List, Business Administration, Boise State University
M.B.A. Business, Summa Cum Laude, California Coast University 
Ph.D., Marketing/Sales, California Coast University

I have spent a good deal of time in the corporate world where I was a  Sr. V.P. of Marketing for a Fortune 500 firm based in the Chicago area and for the past 30 years I've owned my own businesses. I have founded several, sold a few and currently run and remain active in a few.


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Others where I either Chair or offer Consulting.

I consult for the HIll A.F.B. Airshow that comes around every even year in June. Site built for the U.S. Air Force.


A free system that helps needy businesses that are struggling because of the crazy lockdowns.


Isn't it time we Thanked our Officers and first responders by showing them we appreciate all they do for us? Let's give the "Cop Up" sign when we see one.

Calling out the Scams and criminal activity occurring online today.

Non Defense Fundraising Organization.
Find the Partners.

A service to the Home Based Business folks so they don't get scammed. Find how why most don't work and identify the "Red Flags."

Companies I founded, built up and Sold.

  • SaveELK:  Championed the movement to de-list the Grey Wolf so they can be managed and not kill all the mountain ungulate in our forests.
  • OEMsupply:  Parts Supply to Repair Shops with one on the first Online Ordering Systems. Sold in 1996.
  • OEMbrakes:  Same as above, primarily in the Automotive Brake business with Online Ordering.  Sold in 1997.
  • OEMbelts:  Same as above in the Automotive Belt industry. Sold in 1997.  
  • MyCEO:  Sold the software side of this business in 2006 but still do some Consulting with select C.E.O.'s. 
  • MayerEnterprises:  Commercial Roofing Construction Company, sold in 2001. 
  • FCI Utah:  Wagon Jobber Auto Parts Supply, very similar to the SnapOn Tool trucks you see around. Sold in 2003.  
  • FuelPincher:  Utah Distributorship for a Fuel Additive that increased Fuel Economy. Sold in 2004.
  • HydroFuel:  (Partner) An inventor friend built a Hydrogen generating fuel kit for the automotive industry. I developed the marketing and sales division and when we grew it to $5 Million in annual sales by 2008, we sold the company.

General Information

With my Playing Partner Johnny Miller at a Pro Event

Former Ogden City Councilman, Utah's Second Largest City. 
Past Chair and Consultant to The Hill Air Show. 
Hill A.F.B. Honorary Commander. 
Former Competitor on the P.G.A. Champions Tour.
Former REMAX World Long Drive World Record Holder.
Five Time Remax World Long Drive Finalist, Former World Champion.
Eight Time Utah State Seniors Long Drive Champion, 5 Time Regional Champion.
Former member of the LDA Tour (Long Drivers of America.)
1967 Big Sky Conference Wrestling Champion, 185#.

1968 U.S. Olympic Ski Team 2nd Alternate, (Slalom and Giant Slalom.) That was the year of Jean-Claude Killy, the only person in history to win Gold in the Slalom, Giant Slalom and Downhill at the same Olympics. 

National Speaker having given Keynote Addresses in 7 states to National and Regional Conferences in Construction, Higher Education and Banking.